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Red Bumpy Rash

If you are adult or a parent of a child suffering from a red bumpy rash, you do not have to worry as this usually goes without complications unless it is associated with other conditions as fever which might signify an underlying serious illness. Red bumpy rash can occur anywhere but more common on face, chest, back and groin.

A red bumpy rash gives the skin that dry and scaly look and at the same time makes you feel itchy. These rashes can be caused by allergies, insect bites, skin inflammation know as dermatitis, infections and sometimes acne as well.

Skin rashes can stay from few hours to days depending on its cause, and when a rash appears, it is noticed because of the irritation caused. These red bumpy rashes get better if treated as soon as possible. A visit to a dermatologist is necessary, as they are the only one who can identify the type of the rash. They can give the best treatment for any type of rashes. Listed below are some of the diseases that can present with a red bumpy rash and few tips that can help you identify which disease is causing your rash.

1. Eczema: is an itchy red bumpy rash, also known as atopic dermatitis and mostly affecting kids. Eczema leads to a dry, scaled, bumpy skin area near the elbows and knees. In more severe cases, it can affect any part of your body.

2. Acne: characterized by red painful pimples or small sacs filled with pus covering your face, chest and back and commonly starting in adolescence.

3. Hair follicle infection: you can suspect this if painful bump or boil is present around the hair shaft or the hair pore.

4. Cellulitis: this is suspected when there is a red bumpy area of skin that is tender and surrounding a cut or a scrape or a recent surgical wound.

5. Insect bites: characterized by multiple red itchy bumps that are scattered over exposed areas of the body without special distribution.

6. Seborrheic Dermatitis: This is common in adults. In this case the red bumpy rash is itchy, covered by scales and oily in nature. It is very commonly located around your nose, forehead and surrounding your eyebrows. The child form of this disease is known as cradle cap and affects mainly the scalp.

7. Allergy to medicine: rash occurs during intake of medicine and shows up as painful red areas which are either elevated or flat with no special pattern or shape. In some cases allergic purpura develops in which there is tendency to bleeding and the red spots might be associated with bruises.

8. Pityriasis Rosea: In this condition the rash appears as one itchy, scaly area and in short period of time other smaller areas of the same rash appear on the chest and abdomen.

9. Contact dermatitis: if a red rash covered by scales appears after a contact with jewelry, perfume or clothing, the condition is called irritant contact dermatitis. The other form is called allergic contact dermatitis and is caused by poison Ivy. The rash is red, scaly and characterized by blister formation.

10. Erythema Nodosum: characterized by large tender red bumps which can bruise easily.

11. Measles: the patient in this case is usually a child who had an attack of high temperature and sore throat followed by the appearance of red bumpy rash on the head and face. The rash then spread downwards involving the neck, trunk and legs.

12. Heat rash: red bumpy rash which develops more commonly in a child or in an adult who sweats a lot, mainly in the back and have a characteristic tingling sensation when touched (as if one is pricking you with a thin pin).

13. Psoriasis: characterized by red irritated skin usually in the areas of the elbows and knees. This red skin is covered by whitish scales.

14. Chicken pox: usually a child who develops multiple fluid filled vesicles or tiny sacs which appear on the face, back and front of the chest and then spread downwards gradually. The patient feels fatigued and achy. Cough and moderate fever usually precedes the eruption of the bumpy rash.

15. Shingles: condition begins with red bumpy rash that is converted within few days into fluid filled tiny vesicles which are extremely painful and burning. The disease may be associated with fever, diarrhea and sometimes nausea and painful urination.

16. Dermatitis Herpetiformis: characterized by severe itchy red bumpy rash together with tiny fluid filled minute vesicles and commonly located on the buttocks, back and elbows.

17. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: a red rash appears on the face and having a butterfly shape. The rash is commonly associated with fatigue and joint pain.

18. Vaginal Yeast Infections: A women condition. The skin surrounding your vagina is red, bumpy and itchy. There is also a discharge from your vagina as well as pain during sexual intercourse.

19. Yeast Infection In Men: characterized by dry itchy red skin surrounding the penis and associated with ulcers in the penile head as well as painful intercourse.

20. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: very tiny red bumpy rash that appears on your legs and arms. The rash characteristically involves the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. The condition may be preceded with elevation in your body temperature as well as headache.

21. Ringworm: this is a fungal infection under the skin that grows in a circular pattern giving a ring with bumpy red skin edge and normal looking skin inside the ring.

22. Actinic Keratoses: very common in people with fair light colored skin who are greatly exposed to sun. The bumpy rash appears as a pink to grey patch or bump on your face, forehead and back of your hand.

23. Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Inflammation of your sweat glands characterized by painful reddish swollen bumps in your underarms or different body areas where hair is there.

24. Basal cell carcinoma: Although it does not cause a red bumpy rash, yet it is worth mentioning since it's the most common of all skin cancers. It strikes 3 out of every 10 women and 4 out of every 10 men in the United States. The most common of all cancers is basal cell carcinoma. If you noticed any fleshy slowly growing mass close to your eyes or nose or in any sun exposed area of your skin, seek medical attention immediately. Basal cell carcinoma is a curable disease if discovered and treated in its early stages.




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