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Irritant contact dermatitis

If you want to take good care of your skin , it is very important that you are aware of usually occurring skin problems. Irritant Contact Dermatitis is one of these problems that can affect our efforts in caring for skin. Let us know more about Irritant Contact Dermatitis and skin care.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis is caused by any substance that affects your skin and creates itching, redness, blisters etc. It is interesting to note that not only strong chemicals cause of irritant contact dermatitis but many simple chemicals and materials may also cause it. It all depends upon the temperature, duration of contact, your skin type, your skin reaction, etc. Also note that if your skin is of the dry type, you will develop this condition faster and for the right skin care it is very essential that you keep yourself away from irritants.

Skin care and various dermatitis

There are different kinds of dermatitis. For instance, irritant contact dermatitis is different from allergic contact dermatitis. In the latter, an allergic substance causes the inflammation. But in irritant contact dermatitis, the substance irritates your skin and hurts your skin and thus causes the dermatitis. They are normally seen only where the irritant comes in contact with the body. But in the case of allergic contact dermatitis, it may get spread to a broader area. In actual practice, to be frank, it’s somewhat difficult to distinguish one from the other.

Some of the examples of usually seen irritant contact dermatitis are:

1) Housewife’s eczema: These are usually caused by daily contact with household cleaning materials like water and detergents.

2) Also, these can form underneath the rings you wore daily, because of the soap accumulating under them.

3) Cosmetics that may cause irritation, etc.

Keep in mind that some people may get dermatitis even due to the constant contact they have with water. Other common irritants include salts, alkalis, solvents, acids, detergents, etc. These substances react with the skin cells, dissolve the skin oil, pierce the skin and damage it. The wound may be a big one in severe cases. Be careful when you use acids and alkalis as most of them cause burns.

Also remember to stay away from the irritant, which is responsible for dermatitis in case you are able to identify it. In case you came in contact with strong irritants like acids or alkalis,    wash the area with a lot of water and consult a doctor at the earliest. Usually this type of dermatitis is treated using steroids or topical antibiotics.



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