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Yeast Infection In Men

Generally, when men are infected with yeast, its symptoms may not be very explicit in the beginning. So, there is a chance of getting the disease transmitted to his partner unknowingly during sexual intercourse. Also, something notable about this infection is that it can happen anywhere in the body and not just genitals. In this article, the reasons, symptoms, treatments and more importantly the prevention of repeated yeast infection in men are discussed in detail.  

The first thing to discuss is the causes of the yeast infection. Basically, this condition happens due to a fungus which resides in our body quite naturally called candida albicans. This fungus is usually kept under control by our body's good bacteria.

When this balance gets upset and the fungus spreads and overgrows, it causes a yeast infection in both genders. Due to this reason, yeast infection is also called candida. Both these terms are used interchangeably in this article.

So, let us see why this fungus overgrowth happens. Some of the reasons which can be held culprits for this are antibiotics overuse, a weak immune system, poor diet, steroids, sex, diabetes, drug taking, stress, sweaty or wet sportswear and underwear etc.

Major symptoms of candida in men are swelling and redness of the penis accompanied with ulcer-like lesions on its head. Other symptoms include severe itching, pain when urinating, dry broken skin, uneasiness during sexual intercourse, discharge and impotence.

Apart from these, a man affected by candida can also experience acne, skin lesions, migraine, headaches, constipation or diarrhea, memory loss, bloating, irritability, inflamed or sore joints, indigestion and many more.

One of the main problems with male candida is that it does not show any symptoms in the initial phase and so the treatment may be delayed, making it harder to eliminate and also increase the risk of transmitting it to your partner while having sex.

Almost all over the counter medications used to treat female yeast infections is effective in male yeast infections too. This is because both the infections are caused by the same fungus candida.

Yeast Infection Treatment

Over the counter antifungal treatments such as monistat is secure for candida in men even though it can also be used in the vagina. Generally all the treatment available for candida is more directed towards female users as they are the ones who get infected more by this fungus. Another option is vagisil cream which relieves the itchiness and the burning sensation which is associated with a yeast infection.

Also there are some candida treatment products specifically made for men that can be purchased over the counter. These medications can be applied to affected skin on the penis twice a day. Make sure to get medical help if the rash does not fade away after 7 days of this treatment.

Also, if you are a person suffering from persistent yeast infections make sure that you seek medical help as these can be the symptom of a more serious medical condition such as diabetes or HIV. Keep in mind that unless this medical condition is kept under control the infection is not going to get improved.

Also, make sure to follow good personal hygiene. Clean and pat dry the affected area with a clean towel before applying any medication directly. It is also important to change your clothes, especially inner wears daily.

Many holistic practitioners are of the opinion that consuming yogurt daily is very beneficial to cure reduce the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. This is because it contains acidophilus which is helpful in restoring the natural PH balance of the body. Also, buttermilk can be used for this purpose.



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